Multi-tasking is commonly thought of as a great way to be more productive, but there are some myths that people believe about multi-tasking that can actually end up slowing down your progress & productivity. 

In this podcast, I start I talk about the 10 myths of multi-tasking that are productivity killers which you must avoid.

Doing more at the same time is awesome

Humans can multi-task

Quality of output remains the same while multi-tasking
If I have to get to the next level, I need to get better at multi-tasking because there is so much to do
Being busy implies multi-tasking & being productive

Multi-tasking saves so much time because of parallel work
Multi-taskers have higher energy & brain power

Multi-taskers have more time left towards the end of the day

Multi-taskers are highly skilled at multiple things

World's millionaires and billionaires own so many things, therefore they must be multi-taskers

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