Most of us have this notion to start a year strong. What if I told you that ending a year strong can give you a better boost, intensity and a stronger head start getting into the new year?

In this podcast, I talk about why should you consider ending the year strong which includes the below points:

It'll bring strength, momentum, intention and focus into the year
Its about finishing the final few yards in the best possible way
By you finishing the year strong, you can inspire others in your circle to follow you and do the same
Its a way of showcasing accountability & responsibility towards your own goals & aspirations
Spending time with yourself self-reflecting how the year passed by is a crucial activity to do
Most people don't spend time 'Thinking' and by taking this time out to think, you are only going to do much good to your future

How do You End The Year Strong?

Below are 8 ways that I go in detail about in the podcast:

Take a step back to assess your biggest accomplishments
Take a look back at the books that you read
Write a handwritten 'Thank You' note to people you care about and those who made a difference to your life
Recall all the contributions towards causes you believe in
Refresh your memory about the places you visited
Celebrate your top failures
Look back at your learning journey
Review all the tools & techniques that made you super productive

You can download the Workbook to review the entire year so that you finish it strong and set the right tone for the next one:

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