Leadership is not a static state but evolves over time. It is not a title or a badge but a responsibility to help, guide, teach and serve others in the best possible way.

When you get into the corporate world, you'll realize that every day is a game of collaboration, managing, leading, and juggling between different priorities.

While you do this, it is imperative that you keep upskilling yourself to stay relevant. Gone are those days when the "leadership" title was only bestowed to the old and the experienced. Now, if you are a problem solver, you are a leader; if you are a teacher, you are a leader and if you are a change-maker, you are automatically a leader.

One of the key problems when it comes to growing in your corporate profession is not knowing what the path might look like. You always have a choice to make when it comes to growing in the technical line of operation or transitioning into a leader.

In this podcast, I also talk about the 6 values that come into play during this stage of evolution, a value system on which my community is being built.

If you choose to become a corporate leader, you'll find that there are 12 stages of evolution to go through:

Wanting to grow into a leader
Awareness about the importance of self-discipline
Implementing systems that makes you self-disciplined
Learning skills of Leadership
Transitioning into a People's Leader
Growing your Personal Brand
Influencing others to follow you
Create a community of self-disciplined influential Leaders
Collaborative Leadership
Entrepreneurial Leadership
Market & Domain Domination

If leadership, creating an impact, growth...etc are things you resonate with, let's meet live, and let me share things that I am learning and implementing in my own career.

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