There are different styles of leadership that one can adopt and follow. As a leader, you are constantly dealing with your co-workers and it is important to understand people so that you can apply your skills and knowledge in an effective way.

An important understanding is the one you must have about the various styles of leadership.

In this podcast, I talk about the below 4 styles of leadership:

Hierarchical leadership where the leader is on the top of the pyramid
Servant leadership where the leader is on the bottom of the pyramid
Flat structure
Dynamic subordination where the person with the required expertise for the situation takes-up contextual leadership position

Great employees do not like to be managed as they know how to manage themselves - Steve Jobs

If you are someone who is keen on growing into a great employee by understanding what it takes to manage yourself better, join my webinar and learn the systems, techniques and tools you will need in your armory to manage yourself and then lead others effectively.

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